Meet Diana, the first fully customizable pro mouse. Because better gamers deserve better tools.

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At Artema we believe each gamer is unique so we offer you a new customization paradigm for your peripherals.

Our team have great expertise in electronics, mechanics, production processes and software. This enable us to create Diana expanding the possibilities of customization.

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We want to empower you to build a unique gaming tool that reflects your personality and your gameplay style while covering all the needs that you may have as a gamer.

Our proposal consists of enabling a wide selection of options in terms of device features, product cosmetics and ergonomics perfectly sized for you.

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Choose between 4 different sizes, 24 colors, shell perforated patterns and many more features that will come to make your mouse unique.

Technical Specs


Sensor: PMW 3389

Type: Optical

Resolution: 200-16000 dpi

Zero smoothing/Acceleration/Filtering

Max Acceleration: 50g Max Speed:

400 IPS


Skatepads: 100% PFTE

RGB Light: 1 (Wheel)

Buttons: 5

Switches: Kailh GM 4.0

Adjustable Lift Off

Plug & Play

mice statues render

Best in class components

We know true beauty comes from within. In Artema's products you'll only find best in class sensors, CPU, switches among other components.

Designed for your Performance

Perfect sizing and ergonomics are critical to maximize your performance. We print each part to fit your needs.

High-end 3D Printing

True robustness, excellent mechanical properties and high-end materials are our fundamentals that is why we use Industrial 3D Printing machinery.

Crafted for you

Others say customization, we say crafted for you. All our products are individually painted, finished, carefully assembled and adjusted as per your requests.

Tested by professionals

Every critical parameter is measured and tested before shipping your unique product to you.

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