As gamers we found in the gaming peripheral market a huge offer but at the same time a lack in features that favor the diversity and personal preferences of the our vast community.

Chris standing up holding his daughter Elv

Why Artema Corp

Express yourself

We want to empower you to build yourself unique game tool that reflects your personality and your gameplay style while covering all the needs that you may have as a gamer.


Our team have great expertise in electronics, mechanics, production processes and software that enable us to develop devices in the most creative ways, expanding the possibilities of customization and ergonomics.

Validated by Pros

In the course of our adventure we counted on great e-sports clubs and professionals who shared with us their opinions and feedback to ensure we take our products to the next level.

Chris standing up holding his daughter Elv

Roadmap and key facts


Back in 2019, in a garage, the idea was born... (actually was during a gaming guild BBQ ^^).


Founded in Barcelona by five gamers to shake the gaming peripheral market.

We produced dozens of prototypes, iterating and testing them with gamers, in our "Plan4Gamers".

In December we do plan to "kick start" our cuztomizable gaming mouse.


We are going to expand our customization features for the gaming mouse.

What's next? Controller, headsets, keyboards...

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